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8/30/07 07:02 pm


7/22/07 11:06 am - Stuff and Things

Woot! I haven't written here for ages. Sorry guys! (well, the two people who read my LJ! XD)

Lemme see... Since I last posted (nearly a month ago!) there's been Prom (pretty good fun, really,) I have been to hospital about my bad knee and now i'm doing physio. And, well, not much else XD

HP came out yesterday, I think. So I should be getting a copy today. There's a lot of speculation that Snape's a good guy. It sounds interesting. :)

7/1/07 09:43 am - Art Post

Some pictures that've been floatin' round a while - thought I may as well post 'em up here!

Cat-thingCollapse )

Strawberry GirlCollapse )

Rainbow RockCollapse )

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